Our Pipeline Is Designed To Address Critical Unmet Needs

Our Highlights to Date​

Lead Development Programs​

  • FDA regulatory submissions (pre-IND) for VRON-0200 HBV and VRON-0100 HPV programs ​
  • Lead VRON-0200 HBV program
    • Phase 1b scheduled to begin H1 2023 (~3.5 years from de novo program initiation to clinic)​
    • “Best of the International Liver Congress” at EASL 20211; oral presentation at APASL 2022​2
    • Significant and clear differentiation in this large unmet medical need disease indication​

VRON-0200: Treatment of HBV Infection

The T Cell Platform for Multi-Modal Therapies & Functional Cure

VRON-0200 is designed to address a global high unmet medical need for chronic HBV infection. VRON-0200 combines a genetically encoded checkpoint modifier along with selected and optimized antigens of choice and delivered by ChiVax™, our heterologous chimpanzee adenoviral vectors that promotes potent, prolonged, and broad CD8+ T cell responses.

Platform Technologies​

  • Preclinical studies with the lead checkpoint modifier: HBV, HPV, melanoma, influenza virus, HIV and COVID-191,3–7  ​
  • Clinical studies: NIH sponsored Phase 1 HIV Prevention trial (South Africa) using our vectors8
  • Future global health and pandemic needs: The ChiVax™ platform can quickly respond and adapt to help address current and future global public health pandemic and other infectious diseases needs

CD, cluster of differentiation; FDA, Food and Drug Administration; gCPM, genetically encoded checkpoint modifier; gD, glycoprotein D; HBV, hepatitis B virus; HIV, human immunodeficiency virus; HPV, human papillomavirus; IND, investigational new drug; MOA, mechanism of action; NIH, National Institutes of Health.

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