ChiVax™ Technology

Heterologous Chimpanzee Adenoviral Vectors Are a Highly Immunogenic and Adaptable Viral Vector Platform

Human adenoviral vectors commonly used for vaccines are often limited by pre-existing anti-vector antibodies that can blunt vaccine-induced immune responses.​1

Our ChiVax™ technology addresses this issue without sacrificing the immunological benefits of adenoviral-based vaccines​.

United States (n=100), Thailand (n=200), Ivory Coast (n=200), Nigeria (n=193), Cameroon (n=26), Uganda (n=59) and South Africa (n=40).
*Black- 1:10 dilution; Grey- 1:40 dilution.

Our Platform Technologies Can Offer Enhanced and Superior CD8+ T Cell Responses Through Heterologous Chimpanzee Adenoviral Vectors* and Integrated Platforms ​

*Dr. Ertl pioneered this technology, which is currently in use to combat multiple human diseases, including COVID-19.

Benefits of Adenoviral Vectors

Superior CD8+ ​T cell responses

Greater potential for clinical success in ​cancer and other CD8+ T cell-driven disease states ​

Potential for ​widespread ​global use​

  • Improved affordability​
  • Convenient shipping and storage, daily preparation, and administration​
  • Scalable: 100s of millions of doses administered for COVID‑19 across different adenoviral vectors/programs​

AdC, chimpanzee adenovirus serotype 68; AdC6/7, heterologous chimpanzee adenoviral viral vectors of serotype 6 or 7; AdHu, adenovirus human; CD, cluster of differentiation; gCPM, genetically encoded checkpoint modifier.

  1. Chen H, et al J Virol. 2010;84(20):10522–32.