T cell-based Immunotherapies
for Cancer and Infectious Diseases

Our Science

A New Therapeutic Approach to Treating Cancer and Infectious Disease​s

The discovery and use of checkpoint inhibitors has revolutionized cancer treatment. But immunotherapies that can optimize CD8+ T cell responses have the potential to further improve clinical outcomes for many infectious diseases and cancers. Our iterative scientific approach is designed to produce novel, adaptable, and accessible disease-specific CD8+ T cell-based immunotherapies.

Our Pipeline

Virion Has a Series of Programs in Development

Our novel immunotherapies have shown promising results in various preclinical models and investigational new drug application (IND)-enabling research activities. Future clinical studies will evaluate our therapeutic approach using our novel VIACT™ platform, which combines genetically encoded checkpoint modifiers with intelligently selected and optimized target antigens, inserted into heterologous chimpanzee adenoviral vectors. Our lead VRON-0200 HBV program is scheduled for our first-in-human study at the end of 2022.