Jacob P. Lalezari, MD.

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Lalezari served as Medical Director and Chief Executive Officer of Quest Clinical Research, Inc. from 1989-2016.  He is an Internist with over 27 years of research experience in drug and vaccine development in clinical virology.  As Medical Director of Quest Research, Dr. Lalezari was a Principal Investigator in more than 200 clinical trials, including numerous Phase I/II POC studies as well as Phase II/III programs in areas including HIV, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, Cytomegalovirus, Human Papilloma Virus, Influenza, and Herpes Simplex virus.


Dr. Lalezari has authored more than 75 articles in peer-reviewed journals and presented at numerous international virology conferences.

Dr. Lalezari has worked with dozens of different pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as a clinical study investigator and scientific advisory board member and has served as a clinical consultant in FDA discussions.

Dr. Lalezari received his MD from The University of Pennsylvania School Medicine. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Mount Zion Hospital, San Francisco, California.